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Still waiting for Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye to either be confirmed, or for them to be spotted dating other people. And Junsu and Taeyeon had so much spottings of them together, they seem more legit that Teuk and her. Probably why you can buy a whole bunch of celebrity accessory's on yesasia and stuff. Especially people in the same agency that most likely use the same shop etc..

I still haven't seen anyone explain to me why idols would even want to give out hints about their relationship by wearing matching clothes or accessories. Some can really be attributed to just having stylists that go the same shop, but maybe some idol couples deliberately do that because it can be dismissed as a "coincidence. D i think some idols above are not dating or together anymore. Since Onew n Jungah mention each other in twitter, the rumor spread around, since Onew said Jungah is his typical. As an Onew bias, I feel sad, but I blessed them to live happily. Mmm, so their age difference is 6 years rite.

I guess Onew's ready to prove that he's not gay ie being openly spotted with Jungah. If there's something that i'll never accept is TaeTeuk. Plus that bunny earring is an official good, preeeetty sure they were promoting it.

Let's Not Fall In Love [DARAHAE]

TaeTeuk is the dumbest thing ever. It all started from matching accessories and fans fueled it with ongoing shit deliberately to make them look like a couple.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I know this is rude but I want more. I feel like they didn't give us the list of who are the real dating shockers. Jonghoon dated Kang Ji Young, Kang Ji Young before that also dated Hongki and Jonghoon had a brief casual relationship with goo hara before she start dating junhyung lol boy got around. Jonghun gives off too many "player douche" vibes for me to ever think he's anything but straight. Couple items are a big thing in Korea. It may seem silly to a foreigner but its actually a good source I can't believe they kept it secret for so long.

Koreans have explained this before Couple accessories are very popular in Korea. Some MVPs might be in shock rn but I'm sure they will be happy. He has been smiling so much and getting out of his shell.

essaseagde.tk As a Shawol I am happy for Onew. G Dragon is not attracted to korean girls First the accessories, then that sprang up from the chaos. It doesn't even seem legit since there were zip fanaccs. Couple culture is huge in South Korea and almost every couple uses couple items. Celebrities are not removed from their society so of course they behave in the same ways as regular couples.

I don't understand why international fans refuse to understand this. Honestly that would make a lot more sense. I still don't know where the L-Hyosung pairing even came from. Like, where did it even start?


Girlfriend. Dara. The Singer name is linked with his longtime friend dara. However they are participating in a show and both Dara and Donghae look super with each other. The screen Still You () Donghae & Eunhyuk. On the December 24 broadcast of KBS 2TVs Happy Together, Sandara Park Dara stops lying about her love life, reveals she was dating in 2NE1's what are the speculations about the boyfriend? so long I saw siwan and donghae lol.

Go to Korea yourself or speak to Korean people about this.. Couple items are a big deal there Myungsoo just seems so inexperienced though. And not like he's putting on an act, but like he's actually awkward and inexperienced. Yoona is now with cnblue jonghyun, not sure if they're in legit relationship or not but they're together since end of last year. I think they are perfect for each other. He is an asshole and she is a bitch.

Plus both of them are mediocre leaders, so they match. When did Jonghoon date Jiyoung? I knew about her and Hongki and Jonghoon and Hara, but this is the first I heard of those two being together.

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Cause they can date freely with whoever they dating now: If it's true then i'm going to be delusional and refuse to believe it happened. Jonghoon is a well known playboy,just like Seungri his bff from what i've heard. They look like a couple. Dispatch and the fact, can you see that?

I will so so happy if darahae is official couple. She said yes to him? This is kind of old but basically Dara is asked why is she linked to so many boy group members when talking about ships, and one of them is obviously Darahae. And Idk if this was posted but it definitely deserves to be posted again! Posted 22 September - They just followed each other on ig. Posted 16 November - I didn't know this existed. I'm originally a Daragon, but because GD's got a girlfriend now, I think I'll start to ship these two instead.

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We should turn this into a kpop gossip post tbh! Edited at I HATE it whenever they interact thank god it's so rare and usually bc of work bc even though you'd think the crazies would have given up by now they always pop up with their dellusions, not even jesus can save them. Smh I do not get the whole thing about idols not dating. You're young, good looking and famous, why wouldn't you be dating?