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Sep 4, 7: That stated you can move around the text "I" beam insertion point cursor by bringing up the iPad's software keyboard, do a two finger single tap to turn the entire keyboard area gray colored and into a gigantic trackpad area where you can easily control the position of the text insertion point "I" beam cursor.

You can highlight text and lines of text by doing a two finger double tap on the iOS software keyboard.

Sep 4, However, if you are using the iPad to remote desktop to a Windows computer, there are a couple of expensive ones that will work for that purpose only within the remote desktop app. User profile for user: If yes are there any recommendations as to what to use? I am based in Australia. All replies Drop Down menu.

Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. There is no cursor on an iPad for a mouse to control.

I mostly type and edit word processing documents and long typed or written notations on my iPad quite frequently. An iPad has always met most of my computing needs and is conducive to the way I work and do things. Apr 18, 8: Meant for using hands.

go Mouses are for computers. If you need a mouse, I recommend selling your iPad and getting a computer. Apr 20, 7: Simply put, iOS never before claimed the device that could replace your actual computer. But they did, and either did not think it through or thought that the majority of people using computers simply use market apps, watch videos, and play games, as the term Pro to me means a whole lot.

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Sales figures when talking phones maybe but iPad sales are failing year over year. The market is demanding more, and Apple is not reacting in time: How about that marketing campaign, replace my Surface Pro with an iPad pro, not without a mouse. Maybe some people at Apple should read "who moved my cheese" and then come to grips that maybe finding that cheese should be the priority. Cheese is with the Mouse. Apr 20, 8: Yet according to various analyses of sales figures reported in February of this year, the iPad remains the best selling tablet on the market e.

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So clearly the lack of a mouse is not missed by a great many users. Not having a mouse though is actually not one of them for me as I find the touch interface just fine for a tablet. I still need a computer for true pre-emptive multitasking, multiple large screen display support, RAM for very large files my computers all have 16 to as much as GB RAM , full featured support for numerous apps with or without a mouse, I could not write papers - no tablet word processing app offers the full functioned formatting and page layout features of their desktop older brothers , etc.

All without the aid crutch? Other than stylus support, I would not hold my breath or hold out hope for Apple to add native wireless mouse or trackpad support to iPad any time soon. So, you will have, at least, another 12 year wait for this to, possibly, happen and by that time, new computing input device technologies will surely be with us, by then, with mice and trackpads, possibly, being obsoleted by that time. I need to use a mouse with my ipad pro.

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: If you use the onboard iOS software keyboard, iOS has an insertion point "I" beam cursor that can now controlled by invoking the iOS software keyboard and then do a two-finger single tap to turn the entire software keyboard area into a giant trackpad area. View answer in context. I learned to use my iPads as they were designed to be used.

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I have never needed the use of an external trackpad or mouse when using my iPads. Yet, iPads now have native stylus support with the Apple Pencil. It's the way it is. Find and purchase the mobile device that works best for your needs.

What kind of mouse and keyboard do you recommend for iPad PRO?

User profile for user: There has never been, and likely will never be any mouse support on an iPad. If you need a mouse that badly, use a computer or tablet that supports one. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Michael Black Michael Black. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: All without the aid of a mouse or trackpad.

As the iPad is, currently, I get plenty of real work done on an iPad. The alternatives ARE out there and available.

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I understand the fight of Apple. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. Search for BTstack Mouse. Ask a question Reset. Jailbreaking can be done multiple ways, which can be found via Google. I went out and bought one that night. The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K has a slot to hold the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode at a comfortable angle and even supports as many as three devices with a dial to quickly change between them.

Good Luck on your search for your preferred mobile device of choice. Microsoft Surface devices are, basically, smaller form factor mobile Windows laptops.

How to connect an external keyboard to your iPad

Microsoft and Windows forces you to use another input device, mostly, instead of your fingers! Microsoft Surface products are not true touch screen computing devices. They are a regular full blown laptop computers with touch screen capabilities added to them. It took Apple nearly 20 years to offer multi-button mice with Apple Macs.