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Kinda like Capcom didn't have so many host issues in Tri. How do screw up something you already did right? Eh, this is my first Capcom purchase since Megaman X4, and I don't mind it being my last. How is the mission ruined if someone dcs right before starting? Do you realize all missions in this game can be done solo? Do you realize 3 players instead of 4 isn't a big change? Do you know in MH3 if there was a slight connection problem you were forced to stop the quest, while in MH3U even if all other players dc you can actually solo the rest of the quest?

Do you realize people get used to the character limit and there's a common vocabulary to make room names explicit? Really the only annoying thing is lack of host migration. I don't know what causes it though. Most of the time the quest ended and I got kicked offline. Other times, it shows everyone leaving the city but you could still continue the quest. Then when you finished, you'd be immediately kicked offline. Honestly the worst is being kicked back to single player after leaving multiplayer, which is downright mind boggling.

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It punishes you for joining other people's games where there is no way to tell if they are in a fight or the host is afk. Why can't people join quests in progress? Or at least allow others to spectate? Why can't you see others in the Marina? The online functionality takes a 9. See, you're not even understanding what you are complaining about. Lol have fun quitting back to the main menu and reloading a single player game! You are aware you can return to lobby right? Sorry bout your mission costs.

The mission doesn't miraculously end because someone dropped, just keep fighting. The difference between 4 and 3 people isn't as large as you might think.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Describe what you would like to accomplish the next few hours in 10 characters. I see no problems, that's more space than you typically need - Oh you've finished what you wanted to accomplish? Gotta make a new game to change the info. Fair enough, it would be nice if you could just change the room title - Oh the host dc'd?

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For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Online Matchmaking ruins this game". Is there a multiplayer option to play with other people who are not near you playing? So in other words: can i play this game with complete.

Not game over, not even close. Just go ahead and finish the mission, it's not difficult. If not everyone is ready it gives you a very clear prompt letting you know. I've never had the problem of leaving someone behind. There is no max radius.

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True, it just seems weird when I search for Gog only to find only a single event quest currently going in the whole 5 million worldwide copies not including japans 4. Currently, it is Many people are at work or at school as it is a weekday. It is currently 3: The three monsters you named are all annoying to hunt. Unless you're building a specific set which is not common or popular, it'll be hard to find someone in those rooms now. Yeah, if you play MHX during peak Japan hours, you can find multiple rooms for any monsters.

MH4U just doesn't have as many players. Good luck finding anything else. Everyone in G rank wants to run a full 4-man team. I find that if there are no rooms for a specific monster, then when I host the room they fill up quickly. Usually 4 or 5 min and there will be at least three people.

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Even though there are a million copies sold, I think a lot of people seem adverse to hosting. It's faster to look for what's already there than make a room and hope people show up. A lot of people who still play online now are What time of day were you playing? I find that before 5PMish, there aren't as many people playing because they're all at work. The monsters being hunted will fluctuate regularly. Popular GQ ones like Teo and Rajang will always have rooms, but most other monsters can be hit-and-miss, for example I have even searched Fatalis before only to get no results though as you'd expect, this didn't last long.

And of course, rooms for wimpy monsters like Great Jaggi are almost non-existent, even in low rank. The only time you'll see a Gypceros room is one made by brand new players.

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It's a popularity hierarchy. Brute Tigrex is cool and all, but Molten is the one that drops blasthearts, if you know what I mean. It's also entirely possible that there are rooms going, but they're just full. It's infuriating when you finally find a room with 3 players and they've already started the quest by the time you arrive You can always make your own room and hope for the best.

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Who knows - I've had people join a room dedicated to G rank Ioprey before. Tigrex sucks for guild quests, apex or not, because hunters online tend to have some trouble with him it seems. I've fought over B. If anyone else is like me, I list the lobby under Rajang because.

This makes me question myself why there are no rooms for a Seltas. Yes, he is easy to solo and blahblahblah. But, 1 million copies, really Most people I know that bought the game moved on. The average lifespan of a Monster Hunter game for casual players is only around hours: The ones that stay are the ones you have to work with. There's a lot of factors to consider, such as how many of the people who bought it had an Internet connection, their timezones and habits, and whether they're still playing it currently.

Every so often you do see a room dedicated to weak monsters like Seltas, though it's nearly always a new player or a crown hunter doing the double Jaggi quest, I saw that happen once. As the game ages and new titles are released, it's going to receive less of those new players. Seltas probably suffers the most though, since the poor thing always shows up on Seltas Queen hunts and gets killed as collateral damage anyway. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Bit the bullet and ordered my copy yesterday. In the end, it all depends on what kind of game you are looking for. The gameplay is deep, the number of missions is huge and thanks to the online feature it's the best version of the third generation of Monster Hunter. I think I'll be going for the PS4 version of Divinity: As the game ages and new titles are released, it's going to receive less of those new players. The Rathian would pursue fleeing players toward the cliffs, and once they'd jump down to escape her, she'd poke her head out and down the cliff, and bombard the player with a fireball.